• Numpad or Arrow Keys for movement (5 or . to wait)
  • Z to target spell, Enter to cast, Esc to cancel
  • Debug
    • Ctrl + 1 to view enemy paths
    • Ctrl + 2 to view enemy visibility range and line of sight
    • Ctrl + 3 to view spell range and line of sight

** Inputs don't seem to work correctly in Firefox, please use Chrome or download desktop versions **

My (incomplete) entry for 7DRL 2020. This was my first foray into game development. The game was created using the Godot game engine and is available in its current state here as HTML5 or downloadable executables for Windows and Linux.

You play as a wizard who has entered the Labyrinth of the Lich in search of forbidden knowledge. The finished game will include multiple sets of spells to choose from, a range of enemies with different abilities, and auto-generated mazes for each level. You must reach the inner sanctum of the Lich and defeat them in order to attain the power you seek.

I plan to continue working on the game even though the jam is finished in order to learn more about roguelikes and game development in general.

So far I have implemented:

  • Eight directional movement
  • Spell targeting/casting that validates range and line of sight
  • The ability to apply conditions to player/enemies
  • Melee attacks
  • Enemy visibility and line of sight for targeting
  • Enemy pathfinding using A*
  • Simple combat animations
  • A HUD including health and a combat log

I would like to add:

  • Some sort of fog of war to reduce player visibility
  • Additional spells, conditions, and enemies
  • A mana/energy system for spellcasting
  • Procedurally-generated levels and enemies

Special thanks to KidsCanCode, GDQuest, and Red Blob Games for their very helpful tutorials, and to Quale for the sprites that were used.

Source Code -


Download 13 MB
Download 12 MB

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